Frequently Asked Questions from Parents and Students

1. Do I have to be a student to live at Wolf Run Village?

  • Yes, we house students only and proof of student status is required.

2. Do we have to move in by a certain date?

  • Leases begin mid August. You must move in sometime between the start of your lease and the first day of school.

3. How do you match up roommates?

  • We compare the answers that each applicant provides on their surveys, plus knowledge based on our personal meeting when you tour. We use this to make the best possible combination of personalities to minimize problems later on. Occasionally, though, it happens. We ascertain the problem and arrange a one-time transfer of the individual responsible to another house, or “vote him off the ‘island'” if the behavior itself is unacceptable.

4. Do I have to move out over the summer or winter breaks?

  • Nope. We operate year ’round.

5. How long is a lease?

  • We offer several options: There are no 12 month leases. Leases end May 31st or July 15th.

6. I don’t want my daughter/son to have to live with boys/girls. Do you have all-girl or boy houses?

  • We create them as we receive requests based on your answers on the survey. If you have a preference, we’ll work with it.

7. My daughter/son wants to live with his friends. Can they all live in the same house?

  • Yep, as long as we have an entire house available. We strongly suggest that all of the applicants who want to live together submit their applications as early as possible to reserve an entire house. If we can’t accommodate all five in one house, we can arrange for two or three in one house, and two or three right next door.